Dumpster Rental Prices

What are the factors affecting dumpster rental prices in Columbus, OH? Many people have different reasons why they may need to rent a dumpster, and the fees will vary accordignly.

Aside from home renovations, major cleanouts can also require you to rent a bin if much waste is produced. Offices and other business establishments heavily rely on dumpsters as well to help them manage some of their trash output.

If you think about it, despite many different waste management and dumpster rental services operating in Ohio, prices seem to vary dramatically from one provider to the next. But you are lucky you found us, as we offer the best deals in town.

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Knowing how much a provider charges will help you prepare correctly for your expenses when you get started with your project. However there are some junk haulers that charge a bit more than others.

Below are some of the factors that affect the prices of rolloff dumpster rentals.

Dumpster Size

Dumpsters come in different sizes.

The standard sizes in Columbus, OH are 20, 30 and 40 yards. As much as you want to get the biggest, it is also the most expensive for obvious reasons. So you really need to assess and predict the amount of garbage and junk materials you are going to produce for the time being, before renting your dumpster.

Rental Period

The typical period of time that a dumpster is rented is usually 7 to 10 days.

However, some homeowners, offices, and businesses rent their dumpsters beyond this timeframe. Extending the days beyond your contract terms will require you to pay extra.

However, there are some companies that offer their dumpster rentals by contract for a cheaper cost. Which means a person or a business may rent the unit for a longer period of time (for example a month) while the rental company is required to take out its contents every 7 days.

Delivery Requests

Using dumpsters in Columbus is very common, hence it is typical for service providers to run out of some unit sizes every now and then.

When you request for same day deliveries, our dumpster rental service would need to work extra hard to collect back rented units and clean them out. However, try to look around for other companies as there are some who can deliver your dumpster within the day without paying an extra fee.

Location of the Dumpster

Companies that rent out dumpsters also think about travel expenses.

The further away you are, the more gas they need to spend on. These travel costs are often undisclosed, so be sure to ask about this before agreeing on a rental unit deal.

Typically, the closer you are to the dumpster company location, the cheaper the rental price will be to get arranged. At times, when the season is causing a high demand for dumpsters, the rental fee is not going to be the same as in the slow months of winter. You just have to pay a little extra to get it delivered to your address.

Types of Waste Materials

Usually, dumpster rentals offer a somewhat similar price range for the different unit sizes. However, if you are throwing away hazardous waste or medical waste, the waste management company will definitely charge a higher fee. Make sure to call the provider first for you to inquire what you can throw inside the dumpster.

Additional Cleaning Charges

In Ohio roll-off dumpster rental services often offer other cleaning services to help ease the workload on renters.

On construction projects, having a dumpster does not mean that the space around it remains clean. As many homeowners prefer to deal with the construction alone, they often avail to cleanup services. Once you request for this add-on service, the junk removal company will send out one or two additional personnel. This ensures that when the dumpster is hauled away, your space remains clean.

The variations on dumpster pricing are affected by multiple factors. So before you hire the first dumpster rental you find on the Web, make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. It will be best for you to find the nearest local dumpster rental to save on traveling costs. On top of this, the nearest provider usually allows same day deliveries.

Now that you know more on pricing, call us today at 614-412-4334 to talk about it.